For years, I maintained a blog on my own website, even as that site took several different forms. I enjoyed the act of regularly writing, putting thoughts to paper so to speak, and sharing what I’d learned with others as I did. It was a creative outlet, an opportunity to practice writing and getting used to being concise in my words, and it was particularly useful in business when I could post an article on a topic and refer back to that topic in a context where non-technical folk could appreciate the value.

Then I got up to my eyeballs in work, in a significant international project with a non-profit organization where I worked. Blogging went on the back burner. I overworked myself, and through a combination of too much work and not enough taking care of myself, I found myself waking up one day in the ICU after a severe medical condition that has left me irreparably changed. I now live with a chronic disease and have had to make several life adjustments just to continue functioning on a daily basis.

However, I’m thankful. Thankful that despite the disease, I’m actually healthier than I’ve been in years. Perhaps, even, because of the disease I’m healthier. I’m thankful that having this has helped to give me focus. I’m thankful that in the midst of this, I had new business opportunities present themselves to me, and I’m continuing to do what I love on a daily basis.

And equally thankful that after nearly dying in the spring of 2018, I was able to write and self-publish my first book. The first of many, I hope. As life has begun to level out a little again, I hope to continue back on the path of writing and sharing, and perhaps this blog will be the opportunity to do that.

I’m adding this post now, as a fresh start, to have some live and active content, and to start pushing the older posts farther into the archives so that I can eventually retire them and start fresh. As the opportunity presents itself, and as I continue to determine the specific content that I’ll be focusing on, I hope that anyone following along will have an opportunity to learn and grow along with me.