I offer business and information systems solutions for startups, small- and mid-sized businesses. I’ve done this successfully for companies for over 15 years. As part of my business philosophy, I aim to ensure that my services are affordable and reasonable, regardless of what financial state your business is currently in.

To do this, I apply three pricing principles:

Pricing listed below is according to averages and general costs associated with certain services, but in most cases, prices are flexible based on your specific business needs. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me for a personal quote.
1Quotes for projects are determined according to a traditional hourly rate, and relative to the estimated number of hours required to accomplish the project’s goals.

Some factors such as professional research are not incorporated into a quote. For instance, developing a standard business plan for a startup business with a single product or service typically takes about 25 hours. Research on your industry could take anywhere from 10 to 100 hours. The rate I quote for would typically be based on the 25 hours, and the research components would simply be included.

This is mainly because the research is not always specific to your project, but is still required to accomplish it.

2For startups that must often justify all expenses to shareholders, investors or partners, I typically provide solutions that can be offset against sales.

This includes providing an analysis of product pricing to ensure that costs associated with developing services relative to the business are actually covered. For example, many businesses calculate the markup on their products to cover expenses and meet a target profit margin. Often the costs of information systems are unknowns when pricing is set, so those development costs are missed.

I can help to define typical development costs so that product or service markup can be adjusted accordingly.

3I offer flexible payment options to allow businesses to receive the services they need, while paying according to a plan that is suitable for their current business state.

Many entrepreneurs in small businesses and startups are simply unaware of various payment options available for developing business material. In many cases, development costs are high upfront expenses that have unknown returns. And yet, the returns on a comprehensive plan almost always far outweigh the cost of development. Knowing the potential return is of tremendous value.

I provide plans that ensure that you have opportunities to increase revenue, or to decrease costs to offset the development.

There are two base rates: business development at $150/hr (which covers detailed project management, business assessment, product and service pricing and strategies, etc), and software development at $120/hr (which includes web design, database programming, and other similar solutions). Software development is often done in accordance with an existing project plan, and therefore has less research associated with it, but is rather an implementation-only discipline.
The items listed below are four basic package rates that apply to the most common area of development that I provide, specifically focusing on business plan development, and company branding and web site development.
Business Plans
Business plans for startups or early-operation small businesses include company mission and vision, marketing strategy, pricing and pro forma, growth strategies, and development analysis.

Starting: $4,995 (or $150/hr)


  • Competitive analysis of both direct and perceived competition in the market
  • Pro forma financial projections for 1 to 5 years
  • Pricing strategies to ensure profitable results in the shortest possible time
  • Marketing strategies suitable to your industry
Branding and Logos
Branding includes logo and stationery design, presentation graphics, and other marketing and communication material. Prices do not including printing fees, which are subject to market and potentially seasonal pricing.

Starting: $2,195*


  • Logo in color, B&W, monochrome, and both web and print versions
  • Business cards and stationery (letterhead, envelopes, etc)
  • Full CMYK and RGB variations
  • Branding style guide

* Prices may vary according to complexity of the request, and variations required.

Web Development
Custom sites with extensive theme options and configuration. Full development options available, working with my own designs, a design you provide (or from your designer), or an independent design template.

Hourly: $120*


  • Logo in color, B&W, monochrome, and both web and print versions
  • Business cards and stationery (letterhead, envelopes, etc)
  • Full CMYK and RGB variations
  • Branding style guide

* For a reference, development of a typical WordPress site is between 30 and 50 hours ($4,500 – $6,000) but may vary significantly depending on complexity.

Web Design
Custom WordPress designs with several dynamic options, including blogs, database-driven sites, portfolios, galleries, featured products and services, web applications, and custom contact/feedback forms.

Starting: $3,500*


  • Full design and branding implementation
  • Custom photography available on request (additional fees apply)
  • Compatibility with all modern browsers
  • Training and ongoing support

* Template designs intended for reuse are available at lower rates depending on customization.

If you are interested in business development work, project management, or web design and development, please contact me with any questions or to request an assessment of your small business or startup.