Justice Financial Group

Justice Financial Group is an Ontario corporation focused on helping individuals and their families when a disability or illness resulting from an accident or other circumstance has been denied for claim benefits by an insurance company.

I began working with Justice Financial group in 2005, and eventually contributed to, and developed most of the company’s core business material, including:

  • The company business plan
  • Pro Forma financial projections
  • Various statistical analyses and data reports
  • Job definitions and roles, the Human Resources Manual, the Employee Manual, and Employee Code of Conduct
  • Information Systems Reference Manual
  • Corporate structure models including the Corporate Governance Model
  • Product models including the Lawsuit Funding Model.
  • Operations manuals, including Client and Family Relations, Affiliate Relations, Affiliate Code of Conduct, Corporate Social Responsibility, Workflow Models
  • Company records, HR Time Tracking and Payroll management
Alongside other partners such PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Siskinds’ Law Firm, I prepared this material to establish JFG as a bonafide investment opportunity for accredited investors. This material, alongside the team efforts of several partners helped to put JFG in a position whereby it raised over $1 million in investment capital. I completed my time with JFG in late 2009, leaving the business in the hands of the CEO.

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