When you're doing what you love, who are you?

HOTS - What part of the team are you?If you haven’t read the detailed information about the HOTS Profile System before attempting to take this survey, please do so now. It is important to understand the system before taking the test. It is also important to read the context under which you should conduct this survey, below:

Before beginning this survey, take a deep breath, and try to avoid any distractions. Now imagine yourself outside of your current life situation: Ignore your job, your career, your current feelings for today. Ignore your home, your family, and your friends. Just imagine that you have the opportunity to start your life, beginning today, completely fresh and new. If there were no other factors influencing you, no hindrances to your success, no worries about finances or other stresses–in other words, if money were not an issue, and you could simply do whatever you loved–what would you want to do with your life?

What do you love doing the most? What would you do if you had no bills to pay, money simply didn’t exist (therefore businesses, and finance don’t exist) and you were in perfect health? What field of study would you work in, regardless of whether you took the education to work there? Once you’ve imagined yourself in this ideal situation, keep that image in your mind while you answer the following.

Each question is on its own line. You may choose from one of four bubbles. There is no “middle” answer, as you must choose one way or another relative to the scenario you imagined above. Identify in the bubbles which side you naturally lean towards in the context of this ideal life situation. Mark only one circle in each row that most describes you when you are able to express your strengths and talents.

Don’t Forget: for every question, imagine yourself living in the ideal world you’ve envisioned.

what iswhat if
status quonew ideas
waitjump in
influencego along
preserve systemreinvent
fine pointsbig picture
the prioritiesthe discussion
the applicationsthe principle
instructionsfigure it out
the eventsthe master plan
read directionsfigure it out
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